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Seminar Series on "Analysis of High-Performance Manufacturing Systems"

Analysis of high-performance manufacturing systems Prof. Sellitto All seminars will be online, h. 14.00-17.00. Please contact Prof. Bianca Rimini for registering to the seminars and get the link for the video lecture. 29/09/2021 First seminar: Initial concerns on manufacturing strategy - Manufacturing taxonomy and strategic competitive dimensions: the role of manufacturing in the business arena; - Specific contexts: advanced manufacturing, smart manufacturing, technology- based manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, cleaner production, agile manufacturing, mass-customization; - Dedicated Manufacturing Systems (DMS), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS) - Automation: strategic and industrial automation; - Typology of equipment and configurations in RMS; - Research methods in manufacturing competitive priorities: multicriteria and structural analysis; - Supply chain (SC) integration: complexity control in SC; 01/10/2021 Second seminar: Shop-floor management and control techniques - Cellular manufacturing (CM) and heuristics for cell formation; - Cell workload balance and leveling; - Group technology (GT) and heuristics for products family formation; - Fuzzy logic control; - CM and GT integration; 04/10/2021 Third seminar: Shop-floor management and control techniques - Forecasting techniques; - Networking problems; - Facility location, dependent set-up, automatic guided vehicles routing; 06/10/2021 Fourth seminar: Shop-floor management and control techniques - Workload control; - Production scheduling: dispatch rules, meta-heuristics (taboo search, genetic algorithm, OPT) - Queing models, stochastic PERT-CPM control; - Simulation; 08/10/2021 Fifth seminar: Maintenance management - Predictive models: the PF interval; - Failure processes: homogeneous and non-homogeneous Poisson process; - Time between failures (tbf) and time to repair (ttr) modeling, availability calculation; - Stochastic models for the reliability and the failure rate functions: exponential, Rayleigh, Weibull, gamma, normal, lognormal, extreme-value models; 11/10/2021 Sixth seminar: Maintenance management - The Weibull distribution in maintenance management; - Deriving maintenance strategies from the failure rate function: run-to-failure, corrective (decreasing failure rate), preventive (decreasing failure rate), predictive (constant failure rate); - Matching maintenance and manufacturing strategies; - Availability of critical equipment, subsystems, and systems; 13/10/2021 Seventh seminar: Maintenance decision - Use of simulation for the decision on maintenance policies; - Spare parts and special parts policies; - Chaotic methods in special parts management; 15/10/2021 Eighth seminar: Case studies - Students may present their research status to receive contributions to a future article production