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Final Exam

At the end of the 3rd year, students should:

  • compile a detailed report of their scientific activity over the three years, there included the list of scientific publications, course and conferences attended, and any other result pertinent to the PhD
  • complete their PhD thesis and submit it to two external independent reviewers selected by the school committee

The students are admitted to the final exam if:

  • the scientific activity is approved by the school committee AND
  • the thesis is approved by the external reviewers "as is" or with "minor revisions"

The final exam, usually taking place in March, will consist in an oral presentation of the thesis and an open discussion, with a panel of 3-5 evaluator members.


Students whose thesis requires major revision, or that do not satisfactorily present their work at the final exam, are forwarded to a supplementary final exam to take place before the summer.