XXXV Doctoral Period

Specific Rules

The specific educational plan for the students of the XXXV Cycle were originally planned to follow the general rules of the doctorate education plan.

However, due to the COVID-19 emergency:

- the offer of the school in terms of courses is currently freezed. We are working hard to turn some of the planned courses online (see below), but this will take some time, also due to the fact that many of them are to be held by members of our international teaching board;

- most of the students are experiencing troubles in participating to other courses, seminars, and conferences.

Accordingly, the board of the school will be very flexible in terms of education plan, and will not penalize students if they will not manage, during the first year, to acquire the necessary number of ECTS.

Planned Courses

The courses planned so far for the XXXV (COVID-19 permitting) are listed below. We refer to the "Courses" page of the school Website for detailed information (exact dates and schedules, and teaching materials) about each of the courses. 


Scientific Communication in English, Dr. Adrian Wallwork, English for Academics

4 days of 6 hours each (6 CFU)

January 2020


Theory and Practive of Innovation, Ing. Claudio Ferrari, Tetrapack Solutions

6 lessons of 2.5 hours each (4 CFU)

March 2020


Operation Research for Sustainable Logistics & Machine Learning in Digital Supply Management, Prof. Matthias Klumpp, University of Gottingen

Detailed course organization and CFU to be defined

Planned April-May 2020


Strategic Issues in High-Performance Manufacturing Systems, Prof. Miguel Sellitto,Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil

2 lessons of 6 hours each, 3 CFU

Planned June 2020


Introduction to AI and Machine Learning, Prof. Marco Lippi, Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia

2 lessons of 6 hours each, 3 CFU

Planned early July 2020


Operations Improvement Methods and Simulation, Prof. David Parker, University of Queensland Australia

2 lessons of 6 hours each, 3 CFU

Planned September 2020


Emerging IT Technologies: Blockchains and Autonomous Systems, Dr. Stefano Mariani, Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia

2 lessons of 6 hours each, 3 CFU

Planned October 2020