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XXXVII Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Bolsi Beatrice

Prof. Manuel Iori Optimization algorithms for industrial multi-stage processes and priority queuing systems
2 Petrosino Giuseppe

Prof. Stefania Monica Study and experimentation of agent oriented programming languages
3 Orlandi Francesco

Prof. Luca Montorsi Numerical models for muti-phase flow analysis in hydraulic systems
4 Benatti Dario

Prof. Emilio Lorenzani New current source inverter topologies for electric drives applications
5 Renzi Giulia

Prof. Paola Ungureanu - Prof. Mauro Dell'Amico Partnerships for technological solutions to grand societal challenges: disentangling the dynamics of multi-stakeholder data sharing, collaboration and participation in the digital era.
6 Ferrari Davide

Prof. Cristian Secchi Safe and intuitive human robot interaction
7 Nicolini Lorenzo

Prof. Davide Castagnetti Innovative solutions for energy harvesting from environmental vibrations
8 Bertoli Annalisa

Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi Predictive maintenance in the Industrial IoT field
9 Calo' Luigi

Prof. Diego Angeli Optimization of plate-and-fin heat exchangers through multiscale modeling approaches
10 Jabbar Abdul 

Prof. Marco Cocconcelli Hybrid modelling techniques for condition monitoring of motion control Applications
11 Magnani Matteo

Prof. Mauro Dell'Amico - Prof. Luca Zanni Methods and mathematical models for solving the loading and routing problems
12 Vidigal Correa Victor Hugo Prof. Manuel Iori Optimization techniques for private security services
13 Manuel Mazzonetto Prof. Leonardo Orazi Digital manufacturing for the green factory of the future: laser system integration
14 Cavecchia Mirko Prof. Manuel Iori Data analysis and optimization techniques to minimize the environmental impact of logistics processes
15 Mattia Grespan Prof. Diego Angeli Optimized thermal management of high power density components for sustainable mobility
16 Hoseini Seyedeh Farzanehh Prof. Andrea Spaggiari Shape memory additive manufactured endovascular device design and development
17 Oubellaouch Keltoum Prof. Barbara Reggiani Nano and micro-texturing for surface functionalization
18 Ungureanu Andrei Prof. Annamaria Ferrari - Prof. Roberto Rosa Towards sustainable ceramic industry: a new protocol to manage the sustainable transition