XXXIV Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Carlotta Cochis Prof. Fabiola Bertolotti Data scientists and digital innovation in european public administration
2 Marco Minelli Prof. Christian Secchi Advanced control strategies for surgical robotics
3 Simona Marinelli Prof. Bianca Rimini Innovative strategies for sustainability in the industrial sector
4 Matteo Venturelli Prof. Luca Montorsi Numerical modeling of complex systems for the simulation of the environmental footprint of industrial processes
5 Riccardo Pelaccia Prof. Barbara Reggiani Numerical and experimental optimization of the extrusion process of light alloys
6 Emilio Carfagna Prof. Emilio Lorenzani Sensorless control of electrical drives
7 Beatrice Capelli Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Human-multi-robot interaction and multi-robot connectivity maintenance
8 Filippo Bertoncelli Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Non-prehensile manipulation with multi-robot systems
9 Andrea Cervo Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi Distributed systems engineering to orchstrate new Industry 4.0 technologies