XXXIII Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Nilson Felipe Matos Mendes Prof. Manuel Iori A Decision Support System for Coopservice Pharmaceutical Distribution
2 Giovanni Bianchi Proff. Enrico Radi, Emilio Lorenzani Study of Analytical Bounds for the pull-in Parameters of a Micro-or nanoswitch
3 Pietro Cingi Prof. Diego Angeli  
4 Yuri Ricci Prof. Giovanni Verzellesi Development and Engineering of Piezoelectric Microphones
5 Maria Angela Butturi Prof. Rita Gamberini  
6 Andrea Sorrentino Prof. Davide Castagnetti Structural Optimization for Biomechanical Applications
7 Behnood Dianat Prof. Giovanni Verzellesi Ab-Initio Investigation of Phase Change Materials for Selector Devices for Neuromorphic Computing
8 Simone Scarpellini Prof. Annamaria Ferrari