School Admission

It's never too soon to consider a career in academia - nor too late. The profile of today's doctoral students in Industrial Innovation Engineering reflects a diverse cross section of technology and life-style. The existing range of research themes offers a wealth of possibilities for those interested in finding a program that will closely match their individual needs.

If you possess an intense desire to learn, have a solid commitment to improve yourself, and are ready to accept the challenge of setting your own agenda, a doctoral program may be the key to a fulfilling career for you.

A doctorate course begins 1st November of each year, application opens usually in early June and close in one month.

For the XXXVII Cycle (Starting November 1st 2021) application are expected to open in early June 2021. 

On line application forms and opening and closing dates for submission are made available at the web pages of Doctorate Office of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia:

For any further question you might contact:

Ufficio Dottorati di Ricerca
Via Universitą, 4 - Modena

Tel: +39 059 2056423
Fax: +39 059 2056574