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XXXIX Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Ruini Chiara

Prof. Roberto Rosa Development of an LCA methodology for the implementation of climatic-pollution data
2 Fidone Giovanni Luca

Prof. Emilio Lorenzani - Prof. Giovanni Migliazza New controls and topologies for high-speed electric drives
3 Moghimi Monfared Reza

Prof. Luke Mizzi - Prof. Andrea Spaggiari Euclidean tessellation-based metamaterials
4 Finistrella Salvo

Prof. Franco Zambonelli - Prof. Stefano Mariani Multiagent learnig for IoT systems
5 Montagneretto Olivari Alessandro


Prof. Luca Montorsi Numerical modeling for the simulation of industrial processes aimed at improving energy efficiency
6 Claps Marco

Prof. Manuel Iori Data-driven optimization in service industry
7 Mantovani Mattia

Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini - Prof. Federico Pratissoli Coordinated control of multi-robot systems in complex real-world environments
8 Lucchese Adriana

Prof. Gianluca D'Elia - Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Predictive maintenance for industrial plants and for energy saving
9 Vaccari Laura

Prof. Francesco Lolli Digitalization of supply chains: opportunities, risks, and implementation approaches
10 Rossini Enrico 

Prof. Marco Mamei - Prof. Marco Picone Algorithms and data analysis in edge-cloud systems for intelligence mobility
11 Besi Giulio

Prof. Federica Ferraguti Design and implementation of control algorithms for collaborative robots in rehabilitation