XXXV Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Letizia Scurani Prof. Massimo Milani Conceptual design of a mechatronic device for circulating tumor cells
2 Mohammed Jehad Jamal Jafar Prof. Roberto Montemanni Precedence-constrained minimum arborescence problems
3 Grazia Maria Cappucci Prof. Annamaria Ferrari Methodological developments in the LCA analysis of substances dispersion models
4 Gabriele Muzzioli Prof. Luca Montorsi Innovative CFD methodologies for the characterization of hydrostatic pumps
5 Andrea Pupa Prof. Christian Secchi Safety-aware control techniques for advances human-robot collaboration
6 Alberto Locatelli Prof. Manuel Iori Optimization methods for knapsack and tool switching problems
7 Federico Pratissoli Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Control and coordination of a multi-robot system: bridging the gap between theory and reality
8 Claudia Taurino Prof. Monia Montorsi Sustainable materials in the design, development, and prototyping of antennas for automotiva
9 Mattia Bertuletti Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi Safety in collaborative robotics and human-robot interaction
10 Federico Benzi Prof. Christian Secchi Advanced energy-based control strategies for a safe and flexible human-robot interaction
11 Ciro Alosa Prof. Fabio Immovilli Fault-tolerant multi-three-phase electric drives