XXXII Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Elia Balugani Prof. Bianca Rimini Management and Classification of Intermittent Products
2 Rosangela Spinelli Prof. AnnaMaria Ferrari Methodoligical Developments in the LCA Analysis of Bioconversion Processes
3 Ambra Torreggiani Prof. Emilio Lorenzani Critical Issues in Design of High-Performance Synchronous Machines
4 Chiara Talignani Landi Prof. Christian Secchi Towards Safe and Efficient Human-Robot Collaboration for Industrial Applications
5 Cesare Signorini Prof. Enrico Radi Advanced Inorganic Composite Materials for Structural Purposes: Enhancement of the Interphase Adhesion
6 Giovanni Migliazza Prof. Emilio Lorenzani Current Source Inverter Solutions for Renewable Energies Sources and Electric Drives for Aerospace Applications
7 Giuseppe Riggio Prof. Christian Secchi Communication and Interaction for Mobile Robots: from Lab to Industry
8 Jacopo Cavalaglio Camargo Molano Prof. Marco Cocconcelli A Condition Based Monitoring Framework for Independent Carts System
9 Claudio Santo Longo Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi Big Data for Advanced Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring System: Managing System Complexity in a Distributed Environment
10 Raffaele Fornari Prof. Emilio Lorenzani Soft-switching DC-DC Power Converters and Electric Drives for Green Transportation