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XXXVIII Doctoral Period

General Plan

The specific educational plan for the students of the XXXVIII Cycle is expected to stick to the general rules of the doctorate educational plan, as described in the associated page. The key point of this plan is that all students are expected to gain at least 42 ECTS of didactic activities, of which at least 22 during the first year and at least 12 in the second year.

The detailed schedule of the courses will be advertised both by email and via the news section of this web site.


Planned Courses

1st Year (2023)

Discrete Optimization in Practice: Problems, Models and Algorithms , Prof. Miranda Bront (Universidad Torcuato di Tella)
20 hours (5 ECTS) 
Semester I, 2023

Scientific Communication in English, Dr. Adrian Wallwork, English for Academics sas 
4 days of 6 hours each (6 ECTS) 
Semester II, 2023

LabView Programming for Experimental Applications , Prof. Marco Cocconcelli (DISMI)
8 hours (2 ECTS) 
Semester I, 2023

Modelling, optimizatio and manufacturing of mechanical meta-biomaterials , Ing. Andrea Sorrentino (DISMI)
4 hours (1 ECTS) 
Semester II, 2023

Research Planning, Organization, and Valorization , organized by the UNIMORE research office
4 modules of 4 hours each, plus several topical seminars
Semester I, 2023

Inbtroduction to Machine Learning, Prof. Marco Lippi, Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia 
2 lessons of 6 hours each (3 ETCS) 
Semester II, 2023

Emerging IT Technologies: Autonomous Systems and Blockchains.   
Prof. Stefano Mariani, Universitą di Modena e Reggio Emilia
8 Hours

Semester II, 2023

2nd Year (2024)

For the second year, students are expected to join the courses that will be organized for the students of the XXXIX Cycle (and that they have missed in attending during the first year). In addition, students are expected to gain ETCS by participating to international conferences and tutorials in their own specific research area.