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XXXVIII Doctoral Period

General Plan

The specific educational plan for the students of the XXXVII Cycle is expected to stick to the general rules of the doctorate educational plan, as described in the associated page. The key point of this plan is that all students are expected to gain at least 44 ECTS of didactic activities, of which at least 22 during the first year and at least 12 in the second year.


In the case the need for social distancing will prevent organising courses in the traditional (in presence) modality, we will turn them into online courses.

In any case, should the enduring of the COVID-19 emergency prevent some of the students in regularly carrying on their learning and research activities, the board of the school will flexibly evaluate these situations.


Planned Courses

Available courses for the students of the XXXVIII Cycle will be announced shortly on this page.