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Participation to seminars grants 1CFU, wherever and by whoever organized, provided that (i) they are scientifically and technically relevant (i) a certificate of attendance and/or a short report about the seminar is produced.

Students can refer to their supervisor or to the school dean to verify the relevance of a seminar before attending.

Information about relevant seminars organized by the school, by the other courses of the E4E school, or (if relevant) by UNIMORE and affiliated organizations at large, will be published in the Web site and sent by mail to all students.

Starting from 2021, information about seminars of potential interest to the students of this course will be published the news section of this site.

In addition, many seminars of potential interest are regularly advertised on the Web site of the E4E school.

We remind students that certified participation to a seminar is worth 1 ETCS.