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XXXVI Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Francesco Barbieri Prof. Monia Montorsi  Development of new optimized solutions and sustainable materials for indoor agriculture
2 Andrea Corsini Prof. Mauro Dell'Amico Solving variants of shop scheduling problems with deep learning
3 Antonio Maria Coruzzolo Prof. Francesco Lolli Application of the key enabling technology of Industry 4.0 in the management of industrial plants
4 Francesco Gallesi Prof. Manuel Iori Optimization of dynamic transportation systems
5 Cosimo Fonte Prof. Marco Cocconcelli Hand in motion: development of advanced kinematic models
6 Fabio Bernardi Prof. Emilio Lorenzani Critical issues in modern high performance electric drives
7 Matteo Martinelli Prof. Marco Lippi - Prof. Marco Picone Smart digital twins in Industry 4.0
8 Alberto Francia Prof. Franco Zambonelli Certified management of competencies in Web 3.0