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XXXVIII Doctoral Period Students

Position Student E-mail Tutor Topic
1 Siciliani Vincenzina Prof. Leonardo Orazi Ultrashort laser processing of transparent materials
2 Carotenuto Carlo Prof. Massimo Milani Theoretical and numerical analysis of the fluid-dynamics phenomena for biomedical applications
3 Ferrari Benedetta  Prof. Manuel Iori Combining Optimization and Machine Learning on Space Applications
4 Ruo Andrea Prof. Valeria Villani - Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Control and interaction methodologies for whole-body heterogeneous robotic systems
5 Bonetti Alessandro  Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Traffic modeling and control for fleets of automated vehicles
6 Catellani Mattia Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini Decentralized control of multiple mobile robots
7 Trane Danila Prof. Diego Angeli Transitional and turbulent convection heat transfer in liquid metals
8 Nini Matteo Prof. Cesare Fantuzzi Human-robot interaction in advanced indsutrial scenarios
9 Pandolfi Antonio Prof. Marcello Pellicciari - Prof. Pietro Bilancia Engineering methods and tools for model-based optimal design and virtual prototyping of flexible robotic cells
10 Belal Mehdi Prof. Lorenzo Sabattini - Dott. Dario Albani Coordinated control of groups of drones
11 Taccini Marco Prof. Manuel Iori Simulation and optimization techniques to enhance intralogistic processes in the ceramic tile industry
12 Ferrarini Sergio Prof. Marcello Pellicciari - Prof. Pietro Bilancia Integrated design methods and tools for flexible and efficient robotic production systems
13 Modena Marco Prof. Fabrizio Pancaldi Analysis of pulmonary sounds for the diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases
14 Sedoni Roberto Prof. Diego Angeli - Prof. Emilio Santangelo Innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for nearly-zero energy buildings (nZEB)
15 Ludovico Campanelli Prof. Diego Angeli Thermal management of high-efficiency power trains for sustainable mobility
16 Fabio Bernabei Prof. Cristian Secchi Control and coordination of connected and autonomous vehicles